Art of Truth.
Capturing life, unscripted.

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Based in Leeds, Art of Truth is a new and pioneering independent production company with a steadfast vision to deliver strong and relevant content that inspires, entertains and engages Britain’s youth. Driven by a shared passion for authentic storytelling and committed to communicating new and different perspectives: life as experienced by young people from all backgrounds and from all corners of the nation. No hierarchies, no barriers. This is the Art of Truth.

Our task was to give AOT a complete identity, including positioning, an identifying statement, brand look and feel and brand collateral. All of which needed to reflect the youth audience of 13–17 year olds, be fun and interesting, and feel honest and down to Earth.

We asked, what matters to our audience, and how can we connect with them?

We developed a complete brand identity for AOT. 'Life Unscripted' became the positioning statement, which simplifies AOTs mission to portray different stories, from all walks of life, honestly. Bursts of colour and a keyline illustration style resonates with the young audience, whilst meme and current trends are used throughout messaging and graphics. Alongside the brand, website and social channel collateral – we created a proposal document to help AOT break into larger productions for national broadcasting channels.
— Brand Consultancy
— Brand Creation
— Print & Online Collateral
— Website design & development
— Social Media
— Merchandise
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art of truth strapline
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art of truth social media design
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"Foundry took our brief and completely got where we were coming from. They hit the nail on the head first time."
Lauren York, Managing Director at Art of Truth
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