Help End Hunger – Our Christmas charity work for The Trussel Trust


We we're overwhelmed by the response our campaign attracted. Thank you! We managed to collect 12 large boxes full of items, which will be delivered to local food banks in Leeds. As well as a donation of over £300 to The Trussel Trust. We’ve had an amazing response and really appreciate the donations which will actually help people in our community.

This Christmas, instead of sending out a card, we did our bit to help those less fortunate. So in the run-up to Christmas, we donated the things we take for granted to local food banks. This included everyday household items, from socks to toothpaste, tinned foods and nappies. All things we rely on and need to live a comfortable life. Sadly this is not the case for many, and lots of familie rely on foodbanks at this time of year.

We promoted the campaign through a social media rollout – featuring different items people could donate each day. We illustrated these items alongside clear and impactful messaging, to build a visual identity which feels positive and clear. See the full range of illustrations below!

Merry Christmas and thanks again!
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