Beer & Branding in Copenhagen

We recently took a trip to Copenhagen to sample the huge craft beer scene, nordic design and amazing food. Here’s a few of our top places we visited, and a look at how Mikkeller; one of the world’s best branded breweries (in our eyes anyway), has adapted and grown in their home city.

Our first stop was Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop – a small shop but packed with amazing things. Mikkeller is famous for its bright and playful illustrations by Keith Shore. Here was no different with lots of colour on shelf.


We also visited La Neta – Mikkeller’s Mexican food joint, where authentic Mexican food is paired perfectly with beer. We drank a lime and chilli IPA which worked so well with our mountain of tacos!


We also found the Mikkeller General Store – a shop packed with Mikkeller merch…we may have bought a few things and forgot about getting them in our luggage for the return flight :)


Just next door is Warpigs – where in partnership with Mikkeller and 3 Floyds, Warpigs bring this huge space for eating amazing BBQ meat!


We ate a lot of food. I mean it’s a tough job. This was Slurp Ramem Joint – amazing Japanese food, and branded with this pair of cool dog characters. We drank their special noodle beer, I’ve not seen a noodle brew before but all we can say is, it worked.


In conclusion, we found it very easy to come across a Mikkeller bar, restaurant or shop in Copenhagen. Which is no complaint! And impressive considering Carlsberg, probably the largest brewery in the world, also share the city as their HQ. But we love the whole craft beer scene in Copenhagen, and the design that comes with it – it feels exciting and unpredictable. Until next time!