Branding for fashion and music photographer, Declan Creffield.

Declan Creffield Logo

The brand reflects Declan's imagery. It's minimal, clean, confident and personal.

A strike-through device references Declan's family history. Amid WW2, Declan's great-grandparents fled their native Germany and changed their name to avoid any unwelcome ties overseas. The Creffield name is unique, originating completely from Declan's family and their act of change.

The strike-through allows the brand to have a deeper, personal meaning, without shouting about it.

Declan Creffield imagery 1
Declan Creffield website 1
Declan Creffield website 2

A minimal site features large imagery reels and clear information. The strike-through device acts as a rollover state.

Declan Creffield imagery 2
Declan Creffield lookbook

A lookbook allows Declan to promote his work to key clients. With use of clean space, framing borders and a neutral sand brand colour throughout: imagery is the focus here.

Declan Creffield imagery 3
Declan Creffield social media 1

Social stories follow the minimal style. Key screens introduce each shoot, with titles that carry personality across the brand and add depth to each post. A varied layout of imagery helps to build an engaging story.

Declan Creffield social media 2
Declan Creffield stationery

Key stationery continues the brand and lifts the professionalism of Declan's work.

Declan Creffield imagery 5
Imagery with thanks © Declan Creffield
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