Branding and indicative rollout for Holmefield – a veterinary and farm animal health specialist located on the outskirts of York.


A simple logo incorporates a ‘+’ medical symbol - which is adapted throughout the brand to pair together key messaging. ‘Healthy + Happy Farms’ are what Holmefield aim for, from animal health checks to dietary recommendations - all aspects of a farm are considered as part of their work.


The ‘H’ monogram is a great way for Holmefield to add their stamp throughout the brand collateral. It also adapts throughout the brand to pair together key messaging from the strapline ‘Healthy + Happy’. The messaging adapts to highlight the diverse range of farm animals Holmefield cater for, whilst injecting bags of personality. For example a pig might be happy + muddy, a goat; happy + bouncy, or a duck; happy + quacking!'


A custom illustration style allows Holmefield to cover a diverse range of topics without the need for specific animal photography. The illustrations use a continuous line drawing, with a more rough background ‘splodge’ of that animals colour. The illustrations feel light and positive, they work well with the more structured typography of the brand.