Branding brilliance in Bolton for the Octagon Theatre.

Octagon Theatre is Bolton’s go-to destination for performance and live action theatre year-round. We were asked to propose a refreshed identity which celebrates the world of talent, emotion, and entertainment on offer. Our approach to promote excitement and an abundance of talent on offer, resulted in a simple statement – Brilliance in Bolton.

octagon theatre bolton social media animation
octagon theatre bolton animated logo design
octagon theatre bolton poster design

Laughs, tears, shrieks, love and cries all in one place; Bolton.

octagon theatre bolton animated digital posters
octagon theatre bolton ticket design

We looked to performances and the emotions they deliver –from angry pirates, love struck princesses and angry witches. Brilliance in Bolton really echos the wide variety of performances, and gave Octagon Theatre a message to shout about. We delivered this message through a clear yet impactful brand logo which forms the octagonal stage of the theatre, whilst a variable font represents the different forms of brilliance.

Launch posters  communicated the message alongside performance imagery, with bright colour injecting life and energy into the communications. The visual identity is bold, fun, friendly and full of life.

octagon theatre bolton posters
octagon theatre bolton hording design
octagon theatre bolton social media posts

Other channels such as digital 6-sheets, tickets, screen graphics, social media, digital ads and a special membership continue the brand.

octagon theatre bolton badges
octagon theatre bolton
octagon theatre bolton t-shirts
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