Pasika are makers of 100% raw honey, with hives based in Yorkshire. They needed a complete brand creation, with only the name ‘Pasika’ existing.

Pasika’s founder, Tanya Stringer, learnt her trade as a beekeeper in her home in Ukraine. Having now relocated to the UK, Tanya continues to keep bees and produce delicious honey in Yorkshire.



Drawing from the Ukrainian heritage, ‘Pasika’ is the Ukrainian name for ‘Apiary’ – this simplified form runs throughout the brand to create a modern and contemporary product.

Ukraine are ranked as the number 1 country in Europe, and in the top 5 worldwide for honey production.

‘Made in Britain. Born in Ukraine’ is the brand message – it signifies the locally sourced honey made in Yorkshire, alongside the knowledgeable Ukrainian heritage behind Pasika.


Creating the product

Pasika is a simple, natural product – 100% raw honey. With this simplicity of ingredients, we aimed to keep the design stripped-back and minimal.

The jar labels feature die-cut apiary shapes to the front and back. With a custom typeface used and a mono colour palette.


Social media imagery and videos add a playful bee flying in and out of the apiary.