Promoting Ukrainian heritage and British produce for Pasika.

pasika jar honey packaging

Pasika make delicious raw, 100% natural honey, from their hives based in lavender fields across North Yorkshire. Founded by Tanya Stringer, a beekeeper who learnt her trade in her native Ukraine and having now relocated to the UK. Tanya needed a brand which echoed this heritage whilst still promoting the natural qualities of the product.

We asked, how can we combine this dual heritage and simple product effectively?

Made in Britain. Born in Ukraine.

This positing statement clearly identifies Pasika as a quality British product, but with a differentiating and crafted heritage element.

The brand is stripped-back and minimal to reflect the simplicity of the product – 100% raw honey. We developed a custom logotype with hints of Pasika’s Ukrainian heritage, the industrial feel of caps but with Eastern European touches such as the curved 'K'. Jar labels  house the logotype within a custom die-cut apiary shape; the English translation of the brand name; Pasika. This simple shape has a perfect balance of high-end minimalism but also unique character to allow stand-out on-shelf.

Pasika is still in its infancy, but our re-brand has helped to secure crucial funding to up-scale the business and bring the product into more established outlets.
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pasika honey label design
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pasika jar honey packaging
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pasika jar honey packaging
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pasika jar honey packaging
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