Growing an ethical children's clothing brand – The Scandi Shop

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The Scandi Shop sell high quality, fun and colourful Scandinavian children’s clothing from leading Scandi brands, with an online store and UK premises opening soon. Scandi also promote and sell secondhand clothing, helping to recycle out-grown items and reduce the environmental footprint in new clothing production.

We loved this outlook, and wanted to help The Scandi Shop reach their audience and get their message heard. So we asked, who's the audience and how can we connect with them?

We created an overarching brand identity which reflects minimal and clean Scandi style, with fun and friendly children's illustration. The brand feels honest and open, whilst voicing a clear and human personality. We paired this with playful illustrations to really bring the brand to life and add a personal element – so Hazel and Leo (the shop owner’s children!) can be found rummaging through clothes boxes and playing amongst the great outdoors, something all parents can really relate to.

The brand has a large Instagram audience and regularly host new stock sales through this platform – so animated stories and announcements were a key deliverable to drive traffic and boost sales. Printed items such as stickers and postcards are sent out with orders to re-enforce the brand and engage the customer, whilst emailers and social templates allow the brand to reach out and connect with the audience.
— Brand Consultancy
— Brand Creation
— Print & Online Collateral
— Packaging Design
— Social Media
— Illustration
the scandi shop message
the scandi shop logo
the scandi shop packaging design and stickers
the scandi shop postcards
the scandi shop email design
the scandi shop social stories
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