Breaking tired traditions within the electricians industry for Tracktest.

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Tracktest are a start-up tech company, providing a revolution for PAT-testers and electricians. Their new app helps to change decade-old tradition of pen and paper test recording, and allow users to plan job, store data and link teams digitally from their pocket.

We defined the audience of PAT testers, electricians and maintenance teams – who are looking for a platform to help them reliably store data and organise workflow more effectively. They want a platform that not only stores data, but saves time, makes the process easier and connects their business digitally.

Our challenge, through an engaging brand and clear communication, was to encourage testers who're set in their ways to make the change to Tracktest.

We developed a brand that's professional, reliable, straight-talking and inviting. Transforming the plug socket shape of three rectangles and turning it on its head to form a 'T' monogram. This bold graphic is the stamp of Tracktest, working well across the app badge and a whole host of other areas. We developed an overarching brand for Tracktest, covering brand guidelines, key app screens, a digital ad campaign and a range of other items.
— Brand Consultancy
— Brand Creation
— Print & Online Collateral
— App design
— Social Media  
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tracktest app design
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