White Rose Forest.
One organisation, thousands of trees planted.

WRF logo

The White Rose Forest is an expanding area of tree cover across North and West Yorkshire, which supports communities, builds a vibrant ecosystem, helps tackle climate change, and creates a healthier environment for us all.

We created an overarching brand identity to help WRF communicate their purpose across the region.

WRF planting
WRF landscape illustration

We developed WRFs rally call – Trees for Yorkshire.

The message is positive, it communicates WRFs objectives in planting trees, and their impact in transforming the region as a whole. WRF are ‘for Yorkshire’, and their role improves all of our lives.

An illustrated landscape depicts WRFs role in planting trees, improving our urban centres, providing opportunities for recreation and supporting active travel.

WRF monogram
WRF messaging

The brand logo features a tree monogram, which is formed from the x5 petals of the Yorkshire Rose.

Plant. Prosper. Provide. Protect. are WRFs brand objectives. They define WRFs ambitions and act as an inspiring direction for all team members to follow.

WRF social

The brand comes to life through a mixture of organic tree textures, illustration and honest photography focused on WRF at work, planting trees across the region's different landscapes.

WRF urban planting
WRF rural planting message

White Rose Forest work closely with many different organisations and communities. Brand illustrations show how WRF impact all of our lives, from active commutes, planting, recreation and local businesses.

WRF people
WRF map

The White Rose Forest is the largest community forest in the UK, spanning across West and North Yorkshire. We created an overarching map to help raise awareness of where WRF operate, and a range of publication templates to help WRF communicate across a range of subjects.

WRF tote bag
WRF business cards

Stationery and merchandise extend the brand and continue the message of Trees for Yorkshire. A suite of collateral enables WRF to develop their communications in print and online.

WRF tote bag
WRF printed brochure
WRF sewn patch
WRF pin badge