York Barbican. Live music and comedy shaped by the city.


York Barbican has become York’s only ‘big stage’ for live music and comedy. Although tickets were consistently selling out and artists continuing to add the venue to their tours, YB had no voice and no means to shout about their offering to the world. The goal was to refresh the brand, re-enforce and define what York Barbican stands for, and project their personality. In turn, challenging larger venues for more established and sought after performers.


‘Barbican’ is defined as a gateway, this is perfect as the venue neighbours’ York’s historic city walls, and is a stones throw from Fishergate Bar – a 14th century gateway. The gateway is used visually throughout the brand, transforming artist’s tour imagery into part of a consistent, impactful and exciting look and feel that connects with YBs audience.

York Barbican Posters
YB Message Animated
YB Historic Gateway

We developed the brand message: ‘Your Gateway to Live Music & Comedy’. ‘Gateway’ derives from York’s historic city walls and gates – perfect for a venue that calls York it’s home. The gateway shape is the key brand device, used to house imagery and become a well-known signature of the venue. 

York Barbican Billboard
York Barbican Social Media

Event posters and social collateral are impactful, clean and characterful, utilising a deep black base colour which works well to contrast imagery – always housed within the gateway shape.

York Barbican Business Cards
York Barbican Poster Wall
York Barbican Newsletter

Merchandise transforms past performer lyrics into the gateway shape, this helps to open up the brand and allow for a flexible visual identity which is instantly recognised.

York Barbican totes
York Barbican Posters
York Barbican tees
YB Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines ensure consistency and a high-standard is always followed throughout future communications. A wide range of areas were scrutinised, such as a naming issue where customers would confuse York Barbican with London’s Barbican – we outlined key rules to ensure audiences have the best experience with the brand.

York Barbican Mural
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